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Websites in Orlando?

So you have just started you own business in Orlando and your wounding if you should make a website? OF COURSE! The internet works for you remember that. Sometime people misunderstand on how the internet works and this post will allow you to better understand what the concept of having a well designed website that not only shows and states what you do but, who you are.
A lot of Small Business Owners in Orlando are very good at what they do but, we see it all the time that they fail to market to their local community. The internet is priced a lot cheaper then hiring a part time employee. No sick days or paid days off! Orlando small business owners have to juggle tons of jobs just to open their doors. We explain below a few key points to understand before you start your online website.
You should definitely reach out to us as we do work with your budget to help design and develop a website for your small business. A lot of small business owners take it upon themselves to design a website but, only focus on what they do to project online, which is totally wrong. Or they find themselves using a mix of “Keywords” (SEO) that either have high search ranking and question, “Why isn’t my website visible on Google?”. If you are planning on spending a few dollars to develop your website and expect great results, “You get in what you put out”.
The way the internet works when first thinking about designing a website is, the more content (articles, post, videos, pictures etc) the more likely you will appear on the first few pages of google. What business owners fail to understand is that, a lot of research needs to go in before even starting. Here’s an example from one of our clients; Sandy has a Local Hair Salon and she has started her own Website. She starts writing and taking a few pictures of her hair cut designs. But, some of the words that she is using are not targeted keywords. Hair Salon in Orlando, Best Hair Salon in Orlando. These keywords within her articles/postings gets thousands of search queries daily but, she only has a few pages on her website.
As you can see there’s certain angles and information that you must gather up before designing or developing a website. Conectar Agency not only can help you would with website design and development but, we educate you along the process. We are a budget friendly agency so if there’s any interest, feel free to reach out to one of our Team Members Today!