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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, SnapChat, the year 2020 we’ll have a few more to add. Pretty crazy on how 10-11 years ago we didn’t even have these platforms to communicate with family, friends, & love ones. Social Media is changing very fast and it’s important as a business owner to try and keep up. The market is always changing and if your a business owner that is not on Social Media well, let’s just say that soon your doors will probably be closing. Keep reading!  We’re not saying that you are doors will close anytime soon, we’re saying that your doors will close because your competition will take your business because their on social and attracting new clients with the content that they are producing for their brand on a daily bases, sometime even hourly!!

Social Media Marketing is what we dominate in! We’re able to target your audience and follow your customers around Social Media like a fly on a piece of meet It’s important to understand that $8.3 Billion dollars are spent on advertisement their these social channels annually. Ages 45-64 are more than twice as likely to engage with branded content then those 28 or younger. How are you using social? Are you using it to for your advantage or for your customers? Again, creating microcontent based on the context is what we do best!

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